Daily doodle: Chumbawamba Y’all #tubthumping


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Daily doodle: Drowning #SpaceCadet #PugLife


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Daily doodle: Exfil


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Breath mint

Here’s page from  our  wonderful guest contributor: writer Eric Wilder. This piece is entitled Breath mint. Since I haven’t posted here in a while and I’ve reposted some of Jupiter to my own blog, I thought it only right to return the favor and get some cross traffic.  So if you’ve stopped by here and have never been to Nguyening It, I highly recommend heading over for your daily sketch and doodle desires.  Git some art in yo’ life! Click on one of these links & enjoy 🙂

via Breath mint.

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Don Nguyen Presents: Journey to the Westside

Strip 1

And so begins the quest

Okay, first off- I know this strip will look a bit tiny on many a screen and will probably be hard to read.  To combat this issue, just click into the strip to open a larger image.  Then just use CTRL + or CTRL – on your keyboard to adjust the image for your viewing pleasure.  As we fell behind last week, I thought I’d make it up by changing the update the schedule and trying to add more items with a bit more frequency for awhile.  As I said with the LITOM concept mock-up, we’ll see how that goes 🙂  I really hope you enjoy this latest strip.  Journey to the West has always been a story that’s been a big part of my childhood.  Many Asian kids grow up hearing the story or seeing it some form or the other (my family rocked it on VHS, yo!). So, as to not leave anyone out, I hope this strip will be a fun take on the original tale that anyone can enjoy. Also, this is my way of stalling so Matt can make his wanted  revisions to Robot Love. Cheers!

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A little tease…

Poster Concept

Run damnit, run!

First off, my apologies for not updating last week, but as I mentioned things have been busy around here. I’ve picked up more hours at work and Matt’s juggling a number of projects. I’m going to try to shoot for 2 posts this week- we’ll see how that goes. This is the first one. In case you missed it, one of the projects that Matt and his longtime friends over at Golem Pictures are working on is a feature called “Love in the Time of Monsters.” I’ve read the synopsis and started reading the script. This one definitely promises to be a rollicking, good time! If you haven’t done so, head on over to Uncle Slavko’s Funtime Blog to learn more about it and see who they’ve got attached to the project. Kudos, folks- KU-DOS! In the meantime, here is my quick and dirty movie poster concept for the flick. For a final product, I hope to have it look more painterly in a 50′s/60′s style poster layout. I’ll keep working at it. Until next time!

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Unauthorized Robot Love…after dark

Page 6

Oh yeah...chikka chikka...chikka chikka


Queue up some of Yello’s “Oh Yeah” song a la Ferris Bueller because when the Matt’s away, the Don comes out to play. This week, I bring to you my own piece of Robot Love: The Unauthorized, After Dark version.  I mean it’s really unauthorized as in Matt didn’t greenlight this one and he sure as heck didn’t write it. In fact, no one wrote it. Double whammy! Matt’s been working on some super secret stuff and has an awesome project going on.  Hop on over to Uncle Slavko’s funtime blog on our blog roll to catch up.  I’ve been asked to work more for the time being, so things may be a bit slow to post here but we sure as heck wouldn’t want to disappoint- so I quickly mashed this one out fer ya. Enjoy!

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