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Don Nguyen Presents: Journey to the Westside

Okay, first off- I know this strip will look a bit tiny on many a screen and will probably be hard to read.  To combat this issue, just click into the strip to open a larger image.  Then just use CTRL … Continue reading

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A little tease…

First off, my apologies for not updating last week, but as I mentioned things have been busy around here. I’ve picked up more hours at work and Matt’s juggling a number of projects. I’m going to try to shoot for … Continue reading

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Unauthorized Robot Love…after dark

  Queue up some of Yello’s “Oh Yeah” song a la Ferris Bueller because when the Matt’s away, the Don comes out to play. This week, I bring to you my own piece of Robot Love: The Unauthorized, After Dark version.  … Continue reading

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Robot Love Page 5

 This week finds the Robot in a power struggle that could forever alter the fate of mankind (or at least his household). The Robot could be left picking up the pieces in this relationship- if ya catch my drift.

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