Robot Love Page 3

Page 3
Where to start? Hmm…

Before you ask, we did not purposefully plan to have another pug appear in Spicy Braun Comics.  It is merely a co-winky-dink that Matt wrote Robot Love awhile ago with a pug in mind and then I threatened his well-being into writing Jupiter the Space Pug.  Okay, I didn’t threaten Matt at all.  I believe I asked rather nicely.  Thanks, buddy! Please don’t hurt me- I’m as weak as a newborn.  Anyhow, hope you enjoy this week’s Robot Love!

About nguyeningit

Welcome to my daily sketch blog run primarily from my smartphone. I left a corporate job a few years ago to work in comics and on my Art. Follow me, my foibles and triumphs as I do what it takes to improve my skills and make it in the comic book industry. Hey, it's either that or crying myself to sleep and I think I'm too cheery for that ;)
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