Matt Jackson Presents: Robot Love

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And so it begins...

Join The Robot as he plots and plans to take over the world.  Move over Pinky and the Brain, you guys aren’t the only ones with devices on subjugating the planet.  In fact, this is a device with devices to do so! I bet you’re wondering if this description took a lot of devising.  Okay, you’re probably not wondering at all.  Enjoy!

About nguyeningit

Welcome to my daily sketch blog run primarily from my smartphone. I left a corporate job a few years ago to work in comics and on my Art. Follow me, my foibles and triumphs as I do what it takes to improve my skills and make it in the comic book industry. Hey, it's either that or crying myself to sleep and I think I'm too cheery for that ;)
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2 Responses to Matt Jackson Presents: Robot Love

  1. Rob Gokee says:

    I require more panels please.

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